Jack Barsky - Eski Sovyetler Birliği Ajanı , Bilişim Uzmanı

Jack Barsky ( 13 Kasım 1949 , Reinbach-Almanya ) ( Eski Sovyetler Birliği Ajanı , Bilişim Uzmanı ve Yazar )


Almanya’nın Reinbach kentinde Albrecht Dittrich adıyla dünyaya geldi. Soğuk Savaş döneminde Jena Üniversitesi Kimya Bölümü öğrencisiyken Sovyetler Birliği İstihbaratı tarafından işe alındı. Rusya’da aldığı eğitimlerden sonra Amerika Birleşik devletlerine gönderildi ve burada 10 yıl boyunca Sovyetler Birliği İstihbaratı için çalıştı. FBI tarafından tespit edildikten sonra Amerika vatandaşı oldu ve Jack Barsky adını aldı.  2017 yılında yayımladığı kitabı ‘’ Deep Undercover ‘’ kitabıyla büyük ses getiren Barsky profesyonel kariyerine Bilişim Uzmanı olarak devam etmekte.

1-What was the main reason that you have been picked up by KGB ?


I was a very bright student (I received a national merit scholarship in my third year), a party member, and it turned out that I had all the character traits they were looking for in an under cover agent.  The following list is pieced together by from two interviews given by an ex had of the KGB and the ex leader of the illegals department.


  1. Unshakeable Belief in the Communist Cause
  2. Quickness of intellect,
  3. High erudition,
  4. Control of emotions
  5. Language abilities
  6. Bravery
  7. Focus
  8. Quick response to fluid situations
  9. Hardiness to stress
  10. Adaptation to completely new conditions of life
  11. Well-controlled inclination to adventure
  12. Ease of transformation



2-What influenced you for taking a decision to work for KGB ?


  1. Unshakeable Belief in the Communist cause
  2. Curiosity and sense of adventure
  3. Sense that I would be able to operate outside of the law and join a very small elite force



3-What kind of training you took before heading to United States ?


  1. Operational training (Morse code, encryption and decryption, secret writing, photography, surveillance detection, self defense, language training, overall improvement of political and cultural knowledge of the Western world


4-Could you tell me your first feeling when you arrived in United States. Did you have any regret in this process ?


            I just had a job to do.  Regrets did not come into play at all since I was never asked to do something that would directly hurt somebody else.  Even today I cannot say I regretted having spied on behalf of the USSR.  I did what I did honestly and with conviction based on what I knew to be the truth (which turned out to be false).  The only regrets I have is the psychological damage my actions did to my family (mostly those in Germany)


5-What is the most difficult moment (or task ) for 10 years in United States?


            The first time I entered the US with a false passport and a US birth certificate in a secret compartment in my luggage.  That was scary.  There were quite a few tense situations, but non of them as scary as that one.



6-How did you persuade KGB to stay in United States when you were called to come back ?


I Lied to them by claiming that I had contracted HIV-AIDS, a disease that in those days killed everybody who had it.  They believed it and told my German wife that I had die already.



7-In the operation called ‘’ High Jump ‘’ conducted by United States against German Base after the second war. It is alleged that hitler used occult science,religious and mystrical practise during building the base of Third Reich in antarctic. Do intelligence agency use this sort of tecnhicque alongside using high-tech ?


Hitler and his murderous gang believed in some kind of distorted Arian Christian Occult religion.  Apparently, this did not help them.  To me this is all nonsense and the contrivance of a sick mind. There is and has been too much of that nonsense in the world (and I include communist ideology here) which caused millions and millions of innocent people to die.


8-Boris Ratnikov who former kgb spy has unveiled that his department detected attempts to 'program' the president's mind to make him give the Kuril Islands back to Japan. So the president's trip has been cancelled by KGB. What is your thoughts on remote mind control technique of Intelligence Agencies ?


I understand that both the KGB and the CIA have experimented with parapsychology.  So have many researchers who operate in the open (universities, institutes).  So far, there is no evidence accepted by the scientific community at large (by evidence I mean repeatable experiments that yield identical results) that parapsychological phenomena are real.  Of course, it is easy to speculate that secret services have advanced the study of parapsychology to be able to use it on enemies.  Since the secret world is secret, one can make up all kinds of stories about it.  They can neither be proven nor can they be disproved.  As somebody with rigid scientific training I chose to ignore all these stories and ascribe them to an innate desire of human beings to a) aggrandize themselves by putting out GREAT stories and b) believe in miracles and all kinds of weird stuff.



9-What was the Perspective of KGB on Turkey and Eastern Counties during Cold War ?


            I do not know specifically about Turkey, but in general the USSR and the KGB had a strong focus of establishing as much influence in third world countries as possible.  If you study the history of the third world in the lat sixties and seventies, you can see that in those years many Soviet friendly governments took control of many third world countries in South America, Asia and Africa.  This tactic was designed to eventually create an all powerful anti West bloc in the world and the United Nations to choke NATO and thus win the cold war.  Did not work.


10-Now , you are IT specialist and author. What kind of experiences that you gained from  your espionage carrier contribute into your business life ?


            The only useful thing I have taken with me from my secret life is the ability to quickly assess people.  This is, of course not 100% accurate, but for the most part I have a good idea about a person I just met after speaking with them (about any topic) for about a minute.



11-Did you receive any negative feedback after you published your book?


            Surprisingly, very little.  The rating on Amazon is 4.6 out of a possible 5.0 .  That is equal to the ratings received by some of the portrayals of real spies currently on the market.  Some individuals did not like the Christian ending of my book.  That is their prerogative – I am only telling the story of my life as  honestly as I can.


12-Do you have any final comments ?


            The saying that “If you ignore history you are doomed to repeat it” is so very true.  That is a global truth (problem is that every time the world repeats its own history it becomes more and more dangerous.  We are now at a point where the next global war, which will either be atomic or fought in cyber space, WILL blow up the earth).


But that saying also applies to our individual lives – one of the hopes I have is the people who read my book do not repeat some of my mistakes, the biggest of which was that I denied the beauty and power of LOVE for a long long time.

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